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HomeNewsMeizons IPL Hair Removal , easy to remove unwanted hair at home.

Meizons IPL Hair Removal , easy to remove unwanted hair at home.


If you want to get rid of hair scientifically, you should first understand the structure of the hair.

The part of the hair outside the skin is called the hair shaft, and the part inside the skin is called the hair root. At the end of the hair root there is a hairy papilla, which is responsible for feeding the hair bulb. If we want to depilate hair from the root, we must destroy the dermal papilla and block its nutritional supply to the hair follicle, in order to achieve the purpose of depilation from the root.

hair removal

The traditional shaving, pluck, depilation cream and other ways, get rid of only the hair shaft on the body surface, hair follicles have not been affected by any, the vitality is still strong, 5 days 1mm re-growth.

Plucking: Everyone knows that the pain of plucking is so intense that the hair will grow back after a period of time.

Shaving: which is the most cost-effective way of hair removal, is simple, fast and effective. With the moisturizing shaving knife, it can meet the needs of students who shave lightly and quickly. The disadvantage is that they need to shave again every two days.

Hair removal cream: Not recommended. Chemical hair removal cream detach hair from hair follicles and the surrounding epidermis by reducing disulfide bonds. Depilate cream will also add calcium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, such as material, keeping local high alkaline, stimulus to the skin is bigger, may cause irritant contact dermatitis (if you have a friend can use steroids to improve), at the same time hair removal cream just dissolve a long section on the surface of the skin, hair, not destroy the hair follicle, hair will soon grow out again, need frequent use.

Laser hair removal in beauty parlor and IPL Hair Removal Device at home can destroy the hair papilla at the root of the hair follicle and have a permanent hair removal or inhibit the growth of hair. If the damage is enough, permanent hair removal can be achieved in clinical practice; if the damage is not enough, the inhibition of hair follicle growth can also be achieved. Compared with the traditional hair removal method, the hair removal method of the depilator is more scientific and lasting.ipl hair removal (6)

Let us detailed said hair removal, hair removal instrument is divided into household IPL intense pulsed light hair removal and laser hair removal, hair removal principle, all is the use of "Selective photopyrolysis effect", is simply the use of hair follicles absorb light energy to heat up melanin to heating of hair follicle dermal papilla, undermining hair grow hair removal purposes in order to achieve".At present, the depilator sold in the market is basically IPL strong pulse light depilator, some beauty parlors are using laser depilator.

Compared with laser, the wavelength of IPL intense pulse optical depilator is the same wave band, and the energy is only about 1/4 of that of laser. However, the light spot area is larger, the production cost is lower, and the depilator is more painless. Therefore, the household depilator on the market is basically occupied by IPL at present.

In addition, we can see that HIPL,WIPL, HPL and other marketing technologies are also IPL. The main purpose of choosing so many names is to make consumers more willing to buy.

ipl hair removal (7)

Meizons hair removal device adopts advanced IPL technology and has been certified by FDA, FCC, etc. It is more comfortable to use and can act on hair follicles stably without irritation to the skin and without any discomfort.As a well-known personal care brand, Meizons has been serving customers with technology, providing exquisite and fashionable facial and body care for beauty lovers around the world.

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